Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This weekend was Mia's first recital. Grandaddy and Grandma T came up for her first performance. The theme for the production was " Christmas Island" it was so nice and it was soo cute to see the little ones during their portion of the show. I laughed to myself, I looked down our row and my Mom and Dad, my friend Tami , Grandaddy and Grandma T were all there, I told Mike you would think that Mia was in The Nutcracker Ballet.
The love her so much!

Grandaddy and Mia playing ball.

Bedtime stories

waiting patiently with her friends
in the preformers area

Pre- Show photo with Daddy.

Mia did really good on stage and all you could hear on the camcorder was My voice saying "wooohooo" when it was her turn to do her solo tumble. Some girls just froze and stood there, but Mia participated and followed her instructor. Her costume had bells on the edges and it was cute to hear all the bells when her part was coming up, that's how I knew it must be her class.

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