Monday, December 01, 2008

Mia's Christmas Tree yesterday we took all the decorations down from the attic and Mia was trying to be a helper. We had 2 glass ball casualties on the Family tree, so we decided to set up a tree in Mia's room and give her all the old wooden ornaments and the plastic ones. She loved it! We put them in a box and she went crazy decorating. If you look closely, you can see on the lower right 2 branches have about 4 ornaments each. The tree has red lights and doubles as a night light. We put some more decorations in her bathroom and she is soooo excited. This year she really understands the Santa thing, so it is very festive in our home. There is something to be said about celebrating Christmas with a child, it is truly a completely different excitement in our house now. And of course she loves to run around pushing the buttons to all the singing decorations.

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