Sunday, December 28, 2008

We arrived in Atlanta just before the big delays hit the airport. The weather is cool but we just missed the frigid weather from last week. Yesterday we hit the mall and I was officially introduced to the "American Girl" frenzy. Yes I knew about it, but never had the pleasure of going into one of their stores. Let me say, I am sure glad that there is not one in my local mall. Kenedy got her first American Girl doll this fall and she recieved a lot of other stuff for Christmas. It was so cute to see all the girls shopping in the mall with their dolls. Let me say, I do not see a recession in this mall. $20-$35 for a doll updo! whew! Anyway, they do have an Asian looking one , so Mia will have to put that one her wish list when she get a little older. (hear that Grandpa!) Anyway, I got some great shots of the cousins. We have some fun things planned this week, I can't wait. Today we saw Desperaux and Mia said "I don't like that bad cat, I like the mouse with big ears."

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