Sunday, December 28, 2008

We arrived in Atlanta just before the big delays hit the airport. The weather is cool but we just missed the frigid weather from last week. Yesterday we hit the mall and I was officially introduced to the "American Girl" frenzy. Yes I knew about it, but never had the pleasure of going into one of their stores. Let me say, I am sure glad that there is not one in my local mall. Kenedy got her first American Girl doll this fall and she recieved a lot of other stuff for Christmas. It was so cute to see all the girls shopping in the mall with their dolls. Let me say, I do not see a recession in this mall. $20-$35 for a doll updo! whew! Anyway, they do have an Asian looking one , so Mia will have to put that one her wish list when she get a little older. (hear that Grandpa!) Anyway, I got some great shots of the cousins. We have some fun things planned this week, I can't wait. Today we saw Desperaux and Mia said "I don't like that bad cat, I like the mouse with big ears."

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! we had a blast at our house this year! Mia was full of so much excitement when she was going to bed and then like clockwork at 7:30am. She yelled from her room, "Mommy and Daddy, I wake up!" So I scrambled to her room and woke the rest of the clan and got a great video of Mia walking into the living room to see what Santa left her. She just stood there for a little and just gazed around the room, before jumping right in. She wanted to ride her new bicycle around our house.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas festivities are in full swing and we are getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner at our home and Christmas morning as well. We are going to miss my Mom this year, she is spending it with my sister Deanna and family this year! Grandaddy and Grandma T will be staying with us and Grandpa, Abuelo, Tami and the girls are celebrating with us too! We look forward to a wonderful dinner and busy, busy morning! Above is Mia dressed for my parents christmas party Saturday night. (love the ham smile!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Skating PartyMia went to her first skating birthday party. I was a little nervous, but she did really well. They had the type of skates that attach to your sneakers for the little ones and they don't go super fast. The first go round I held her hand for a short time and then she was off. I had to practically drag her off the rink when it was time for lunch and cake.

Mia with the birthday boy Ethan
oh she loves Ethan (he is a cutie)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Claus arrived to Mia's school this year via horse and carriage. Her school had a holiday party on Friday.Some of the older kids sang Christmas carols as the parents arrived. Below are pictures of Mia and some of her friends.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This year's shot had lots of smiles, last year we couldn't get her near him!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This weekend was Mia's first recital. Grandaddy and Grandma T came up for her first performance. The theme for the production was " Christmas Island" it was so nice and it was soo cute to see the little ones during their portion of the show. I laughed to myself, I looked down our row and my Mom and Dad, my friend Tami , Grandaddy and Grandma T were all there, I told Mike you would think that Mia was in The Nutcracker Ballet.
The love her so much!

Grandaddy and Mia playing ball.

Bedtime stories

waiting patiently with her friends
in the preformers area

Pre- Show photo with Daddy.

Mia did really good on stage and all you could hear on the camcorder was My voice saying "wooohooo" when it was her turn to do her solo tumble. Some girls just froze and stood there, but Mia participated and followed her instructor. Her costume had bells on the edges and it was cute to hear all the bells when her part was coming up, that's how I knew it must be her class.

we celebrated Mia's performance with some din din afterwards.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Mia's Christmas Tree yesterday we took all the decorations down from the attic and Mia was trying to be a helper. We had 2 glass ball casualties on the Family tree, so we decided to set up a tree in Mia's room and give her all the old wooden ornaments and the plastic ones. She loved it! We put them in a box and she went crazy decorating. If you look closely, you can see on the lower right 2 branches have about 4 ornaments each. The tree has red lights and doubles as a night light. We put some more decorations in her bathroom and she is soooo excited. This year she really understands the Santa thing, so it is very festive in our home. There is something to be said about celebrating Christmas with a child, it is truly a completely different excitement in our house now. And of course she loves to run around pushing the buttons to all the singing decorations.