Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mia got her hair trimmed up and evened out. I want to let her hair grow out one length, so in the meantime my hairdresser left her bangs long and gave her some slight layers. It looks cute on the days when we don't feel like putting a clip or bow in it. It is still long enough to do a ponytail and use all those crazy hair accessories we own now : ) Mike and I decided that Mia was ready to go to a place where she could interact with other children her age. She has been home with one of us since we returned from China last August. I was recommended to a learning center close to work and Mia now goes a couple days a week. I think she is still a little unsure about it so far, but I really like the director and the staff. The have small class sizes and she has lots of fun. I was a little worried about the nap thing on a mat, and much to our surprise she did well. She saw all the other kids and followed along. We are able to let her bring a favorite blankee and that helps as well. The other day I went to pick her up and they were all marching in line with different musical instruments. Mia had the tambourine and she was shaking it around. I just stood back and watched for a few minutes and saw how much she was enjoying herself. It reassured me that we made the right decision and she is going to enjoy it!
Saw the shirt and had to get it! Mia points to her
"Bikle" and goes for a ride!

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