Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tonight we went to National Night Out 2007 which was sponsored by our local law enforcement officers. This event was celebrated in many communities across the US. We decided to go for a stroll and enjoy the evening. They were offering child fingerprinting and photos by the local Sherriff's office, so we took Mia to get her prints done! It was also held at the Vero Beach Outlet's (darn) so we mixed in a little shopping too. It was neat, there were big fire trucks, ambulances, K9 and SWAT Team demonstrations.

Mia got to sit in the drivers seat in a helicopter.

Mike's friend Jimmy who is a Motor Man was there with his shiny motorcycle, which Mia was allowed to sit on for a photo opportunity.

McGruff the crime dog was not a hit with Mia, she shook her head and said, "NO DOG" over and over. When he left on a golf cart, she did wave bye bye to him.

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