Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today we had our 12 month post placement visit done in order to fulfill our commitment to China. Mia was so cute and our social worker (Fran) just loves her. At one point Mia walked over to her and grabbed her hand to do Ring Around The Rosie. Fran proceeded to ask Mike, so are you ready for #2? Mike laughed and said, "The jury is still out on that one".

I posted these pictures because when you ask Mia her name she says "A Mia" then I ask her how old she is and she says 1 while holding her finger up. She seems to add "A " before her words lately. No idea where that started. She also now knows how to pose for pictures. Don't you just love the pose of her facing away from the camera.

Check out the tan, she's giving me some competition. If you read my posts before we received our referral, I often wondered if she would be fair skinned. I was praying for a daughter that would love water and be able to handle some sun, as we are often outside doing something!

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Lauren and Ed said...

Gosh she sure is a cutie. She is growing up fast. She looks tall like my Mia.