Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Every night Mia plays in her crib before going to sleep. I leave her in the crib after we unwind and listen to lullabies, however; as soon as a lay her down, she stands up and wants to play some more. Fortunately, I can kiss her goodnight and she plays and talks babble before finally falling asleep. Mike and I listen to her in the monitor and laugh sometimes. She does the same thing in the morning. She plays for about 45 minutes before she lets us know, it's time to get me out now! We put one of those interactive toys that attach to the inside of the crib and she loves to look at herself in the mirror and pull all the knobs.

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NicoleJackBriannaDylan said...

awwwww what a little cutie .She is getting so big .How are things going give us a buzz if you get a chance !!!!!!!