Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Mia !!

Yesterday was Mia's Birthday and as you can see, Mia really enjoyed her birthday cake as we celebrated her first year of life. Mia is able to stand up by on her own and has been taking half steps here or there. She should be walking soon. When she crawls now, she scoots on her hands and uses her feet, not her knees. She can take her fork and feed herself if we poke the food for her. She can wave and mutter bye bye and has said mama, dada, baba, all the basic baby words. She truly has changed since the day she was placed in our arms.

We had her ears pierced and she looks so cute. She enjoys music very much and dances in her car seat as soon as we put her in it. Mike and I have truly enjoyed our time with her and I am thankful both Mike and I have been able to stay home with her for this long. Tommorrow I go back to work and Mike will be Mr. Mom for now. If Mike finds his "DREAM JOB" he will take it and my mom will watch Mia. My work week is Monday thru Thursday so I still have a 3 day weekend with her. The weather is getting nice here and we just enjoy sitting on our back porch and relaxing as a family. Life is so much better having Mia in our life : )


Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Mia !!!
Much Love,
Charlotte Bo Rivers

Salome's Mom said...

What a beautiful baby!!!!

Key Largo, FL